The Horowitz-Margareten Family Association

Who We Are and How to Become a Member

Family PhotoThe Horowitz-Margareten Family saga began with Isaac Horowitz (1797-1845). His descendants make up most members of the current Horowitz-Margareten Family. Descendants of Rabbi Isaac Zvi Margaretten (1808-1850), one of whose sons, Rabbi Joel Margaretten, married Julia Horowitz, a granddaughter of Isaac Horowitz, make up the remaining members of the Family. Some members of the Margaretten family later altered the spelling to Margareten, and the Family Association uses this spelling in its name.

Motzoh BoxThe Family is most known for the Horowitz-Margareten brand of matzohs and other Passover products. The Matzoh Bakery was founded in 1884 by Jacob Horowitz, a son of Isaac Horowitz, together with his sons; his daughter, Regina Horowitz Margareten; and her husband Ignatz Margareten, shortly after their immigration to New York from Hungary.

As the Family grew, they established the Horowitz-Margareten Family Association in 1921 to:

For many years, the Horowitz-Margareten Family Association printed a newsletter (the Journal) that was sent to its members. In 2006, the Journal was replaced by a password-protected website, open only to Family members. This site enables relatives to easily share news, photos, recipes, reminiscences, and other information. In addition, it serves as a repository for our genealogical records, as well as other historical Family documents and photographs.

Any person descended from Isaac Horowitz (1797-1845) or Isaac Zvi Margaretten (1808-1850), and any person related by marriage, adoption, or civil union to each such descendent, regardless of age or sex, is a member of the Horowitz-Margareten Family and is eligible to be a member of the Horowitz-Margareten Family Association.

If you are a Family member and would like to join the Horowitz-Margareten Family Association, please send an email to, and you will receive instructions on how to log in to our secure website.